Energywork with Crystals and Gemstones



Explanatory of crystals and healing stones

Why are minerals, crystals, gems and healing stones so significant to humans, animals and plants?

Assuming an all-pervasive energy that makes life possible, the answer can only be this: because they have a special magical relationship with their source, which has a powerful energy throughout the universe. Everything is spirit and emerged from this universal energy. Of course, the quartz and precious stones have been created and stored in them, the universal creative energy and their specific properties and tasks assigned to it. This all already knew high-cultures on this earth before us (Atlanteans, Lemurians, Egyptians, Greeks, Mayas etc.) as well as many native peoples. However, the majority of souls incarnated during this time are no longer aware of this knowledge, but the number of remembering people is steadily increasing. Fortunately, even in these times, there are some incarnated souls who continue to practice and pass on this knowledge, so that the providence of creation, that the crystals and healing stones should assist people in this unique epoch of human history, is fulfilled.

For larger crystals, we can even speak of energy beings who have agreed to take on some of the larger tasks to assist and, if necessary, heal the Earth and its inhabitants on their developmental journey.

1. Healing Stones and Crystals

A very effective way to activate healing energies is the combination of crystals, healing stones, and mental light work.
Together, they give the best possible result, with the stones acting as reinforcers and contributing to the process with their individual character traits, both mineralogical and subtle. In this interaction, the lightworker is an open channel for the energies and frequencies from the source-of-all-being, the creation, and forwards these energies to the appropriate person, animal, plant or landscape with the support of the selected healing stones.

2. Clearings

“Clearing” means that morphogenetic energy fields and energy systems (including the human body-cell system) are purified so that luminous energies can flow again, establish themselves and expand.

Crystals and healing stones are also used to clean people, animals, houses, apartments, squares and landscapes. They are just as powerful in the dissolution of morphogenetic fields and in the return of deceased and earthbound souls.

A morphogenetic field is a formative and mind-forming energy that can form and settle anywhere and was first detected by British biologist Rupert Sheldrake. It could be described as a memory of nature whose frequencies are the sum of what living things do, think, feel, do, and so on. For example, if many atrocities were perpetrated in one place, that negative form of energy could settle there and can last for a long time remain effective and influence the thinking and doing of people.
Morphogenetic fields are not always just localized subtle energies; they can also appear over long distances in several different places, and be mediated.

“We consider it extremely important not only to cleanse oneself personally, but also the morphogenetic fields around us and in which we live and to clarify it regularly!”


3. Crystal laying patterns and healing stone therapies

Erdenhüter-Kristalle und Heilsteine

During a healing stone placement, previously tested healing stones are placed on the body of a person on the energy points, and in addition to the targeted laying on of hands, healing energy can now flow into the affected areas and activate the self-healing powers. Karmic entanglements, beliefs, no longer useful patterns of life, and even curses, can be revealed and dissolved in this way and replaced by positive affirmations. The front and back of the body are treated. This form of therapy is often used as a preparatory method for subsequent body clearing.

For specific diseases and karmic topics often rock crystal patterns come into play. Rock crystals are placed in certain formations around and on the body of a person and thus create a healing and regenerating vibratory field, which can be supplemented by laying on of hands.

By placing crystals and healing stones on the main chakras and energy entry points of the body harmonization and stabilization of the body’s immune system is achieved as well as the harmonization of the seven main chakras.
Energy blockages and “heat accumulation” in the main chakras are dissolved at best so that vitalizing life energy can flow.

A special formation with rock crystals promotes and supports concentration in channelings and connections to astral planes and the spirit world.

The “Light-Field-Space” (photo) for the body, mind and soul, in which meditation can be practiced, enables the performer, in a protected energy field, to take a deliberate introspection on selected topics.


4. Remote-Energy-Transmission with Earthguard Crystals

You can consciously make telepathic contact with larger crystals (Earthguard crystals), meditate with them, and use them for remote energy transmissions to humans, animals, places, and landscapes. Especially quartz crystals can be used both as a transmitter, as well as a receiver.
In this method too, the performer is connected to the source level and forwards the healing frequencies and energies via the crystal, which serves as an amplifier (generator), to the visualized places, humans and animals.


5. Earthguard-Crystals

70 kg Rock Crystal

Earthguard crystals were first described in 1986 by Katrin Raphaell in her book “Knowing Crystals”. In more recent times, the illustrated books by Wolfgang Hahl “The Earthguard Crystals” and “The Stone Circles of Earthguard Crystals” have been published. These are unusually large crystal quartzes that are aware of their function and serve as a body for high spiritual beings. It could be said that the properties of a crystal manifest in the presence and activity of high spirits. They are meant to reawaken the memory of the Earth’s development plan, to release the knowledge of mission and origin, as well as stored information of the creator’s source and healing powers, and to be available in times of tremendous upheavals of the earth and, above all, of humanity.

In addition, they help to accelerate spiritual (holistic) development by building a promoting and motivating field and by focusing attention. We can assume that the heavier and bigger a crystal is, the higher the awareness of itself and its task and thus of a greatly enhanced effect.

On the Swabian Alb, in Ehingen-Erbstetten, on the Vogelhof, in the center of the Earthguard crystals, a stone circle with eight of the largest rock crystals ever found, weighing between 300 kilos and 2.5 tons, and in the middle a 2,5 tons heavy rose quartz by Wolfgang Hahl. This stone circle is aligned exactly to the cardinal points, the center lies on the interface of five large energy lines (Laylines). The tasks of this stone circle include u.a. increasing the frequencies of our home planet and its protection (radiation compensation from HAARP, a U.S. military project that manipulates weather by heating and bombarding the ionosphere and can affect human consciousness), long-distance energy transmission and peacekeeping.

For more information about “Haarp” >>> see page: “Links”.


6. Meditation with Crystals and Gemstones

Aqua Aura Rock Cristal (Steamed with Gold particles)


Meditation with healing stones is an old technique that allows the spiritual effect of the stones to fully unfold. In general, a meditation with healing stones helps to concentrate on the here and now in a relaxed way. Considering that today no computer and no car works without a quartz chip, one can only imagine the effect of a big crystal. Healing stones can have a powerful effect on a person’s psyche and spiritual development; the more intense the involved psychic power in the process, the stronger the specific effect of the stone can be. Since meditation is a source of strength in and of itself, it becomes especially intense through the additional stone effect.

The crystals have messages for us humans, help with their light vibrations in many ways to heal us and they are also here to help, to align ourselves with the higher vibrations of our home planet. This, in turn, is a great help to our Mother Earth and strengthens our connection to her so that we can perceive her frequencies and receive her messages.

“Little Grandmother” Kiesha Crowther, the messenger of Mother Earth, once said, “In order for Mother Earth to know which souls have awakened, carry a crystal and meditate with them, and you will receive the messages of our Mother Earth.

If you resonate with a crystal depicted in a photograph, you only need to come to rest in a quiet place, look at the picture and connect with the crystal being. The connection made in this way works over our physical eyes and the third eye, just as if we had set up the real crystal in front of us.

“Stay light and imagine a point of light following the lines of a recumbent eight between your eyebrows, the point of intersection just above the chakra of the Third Eye.” Now follow this point of light for a while, until the thoughts diminish and you can concentrate only on the crystal, it may be that the light point is getting faster and faster, until it is finally no longer perceptible. Listen to what the crystal being has to tell you and / or what feelings are perceptible in you.


7. Programmed Crystals

A special form of meditative application is crystal programming. It is often used in landscape and water regeneration, but also for personal purposes. The crystal is transmitted through a visualization of a force field or certain information or we pass to the divine source, what is the most salutary measure for this situation, whereby the effect of the crystal amplifies and gives to the environment or persons, animals, plants, where the Crystal‘s own character is preserved. From then on, he will be timing the programmed oscillation as needed or until the program is cleared. Most crystals of the quartz group are used. Particularly suitable for this purpose are group crystals of amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz and rock crystal.

8. Setting Up Healing Stones In Rooms



Already in the crystal healing of ancient civilizations such as the Atlanteans, Egyptians, Greeks, Essenes, Romans and even the Indians in North and South America, the setting up of crystals and stones was practiced to improve the energetic indoor climate. It is only a few years since these old practices have become more popular here in the West. Today, healing stones are increasingly used as protective stones against electrosmog, disruptive energies such as water veins and earth radiation and black magic attacks.


Black Tourmaline – Best protection against electromagnetically impurities


I will gladly advise you and test the healing stones or crystals that are right for you personally, for your apartment, office, school, practice, dance studio, animal stable etc.


Calcit mit Herz



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