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Black Tourmaline


Transformation on highest level


Forerunner of the new era

In the elemental kingdom immense information, energies, high vibrational frequencies as well as divine wisdom and memories of and for your true being are stored….
The realm of gems and the crystal masters, guard this knowledge since the beginning of life on earth.
Long before the first incarnations to Earth, this safeguarding and remembrance was recorded into the crystalline field of minerals.
And the black tourmaline is one of them… and at the moment one of the most powerful… and it takes over in connection with other crystals the earth and radiation protection, shields, transforms and transforms damage energies, manipulation and interference frequencies where it is necessary… a strong ally and transformer! The elemental beings support this process significantly, because they are actively connected to the great energetic consciousness of the crystals and minerals … and are ready to work (and show themselves!) for those of us who are committed to a protection and beauty of our planet and the transformation to the new earth!


Strongest protective stone ever, especially in combination with rock crystal, baryte, amethyst and rose-quartz!


The black Tourmaline is a powerhouse in a class of its own! Even the aircraft engineers have discovered it some time ago and install it in the cockpits on sensitive equipment to derive leakage currents.

This leads us to its property to be emphasized, which is to recognize (high-frequency) electromagnetic currents and fields (EMF, 2-4 G), microwaves (5-G!) and morphic fields (memory storage), to transform them and to transform them in such a way that they cannot have any harmful effect on humans and animals and plants in our environment. Whoever wears such a tourmaline (pendant, necklace, hand and/or foot chain etc.) or uses it as room energization and protection in rooms will be sufficiently protected, also from foreign energies of all kinds. Complementary minerals and crystals such as baryte, rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz make it the strongest protective stone we know! These are the best conditions to be able to enter personal transformation and development processes powerfully and unwaveringly and to keep them in motion (change).

The black tourmaline also activates and supports the “Inner Light Body”, which is located in the heart space and is a part of our “True Self”, our soul. This light body protects our physical body and our spirit from too high cosmic radiation and from too high high-frequency electro-magnetic radiation of earthly origin, like radiation fields of cell phones, radio masts, computers, high-voltage power lines and from atomic radiation by radioactivity, and… even from harmful bacteria, microbes, parasites and environmental toxins! However, this requires the awareness, consciousness and trust to be a carrier of this light and the divine light body… and to want to nourish and protect it, with all possibilities given to us… about going into the silence and/or meditation and a holistic, healthy (spiritual) way of life.

Already a necklace in the size of approx. 3 cm is sufficient, in order to protect a humans for example against radiation fields of a transmitting pole, computer screen, Wlan and Handystrahlung, both also pieces of approx. 300-1000 g before the screen to be put can. For smart TVs, they should already be 800-1500 g. Again, the stone should fit, have the right size and will be radiesthetically tested by us. If there is a strong load, for example in an apartment building by several Wlan routers or EMF by laid power cables, several or larger specimens are used.

The Tourmaline Trigon , consisting of our highly effective combination with black tourmaline and crystals stabilizes an initiated protective and energy field in rooms, after previously the rooms of an apartment or a house have been energetically cleaned, sustainable! It is important that we have a radiation-protected room or place available, where we can recover and regenerate! The effect of a cleaned room is immediately noticed by those involved and described as liberating. On average, a cleaning lasts about 2 hours.

Through a mental programming of a black tourmaline, any energy (water veins, earth energies, EMF, etc.) can also be mentally diverted or directed. In clearings (energetic cleaning of people, buildings and places, etc.) we use it again and again successfully!

If necessary (testing is an advantage!) place a stone in every room (also bedroom) where you often stay and at the fuse box (testing!). In front of the computer and in places with increased radiation (cities, shopping malls) be sure to wear a black tourmaline-necklace!

If we are exposed to this radiation unprotected over a longer period of time, the body-cell-walls are literally crumbled and these high-frequency rays penetrate into the mitochondria, our energy power plants in the cells and into the cell nuclei themselves! The blood-brain barrier is also weakened and can even be irreparably destroyed! Please… do not take this lightly…!

(The blood-brain barrier protects the brain from pathogens, heavy metals, toxins and messenger substances circulating in the blood. It represents a highly selective filter through which the nutrients required by the brain are supplied and the metabolic products produced are removed. Supply and disposal is ensured by a series of special transport processes).

Effect on the spiritual level

Protection against black magic attacks, manipulation energies, interference field frequencies!

Retrieve unprocessed issues that disturb and burden our being from the “deepest basement” to the surface; and through their awareness, they can dissolve.

He connects with the earth and lets neutralized energies slide down into it; protects against greed, uncontrolled, negative-looking power and suffering; protects the family and partnerships from bad, invisible influences (for example, set up in an apartment as a protective stone); improves concentration; makes manipulation aware and protects against it.

Effect on the physical level

Laid down on the body, it causes excess energy and pain (also migraine) to be derived; guides energy to the places where it is needed; strengthens their effect in combination with other healing stones; protects against electro-magnetic radiation, earth radiation and water veins; conducts heavy metals out of the body system!

Note: Those who are on a diet should be aware that heavy metals and toxins deposited in fatty tissue can be released. The Turmaline can mitigate the resulting side effects and prevent it at best.


Protection from cell phone radiation

Protects your bodysystem (material and subtle body, brain, aura,) from electro-magnetic radiation and microwave radiation (5-G)! Black tourmaline and Herkime-crystals!
For all kind of handy-protection-cases!

Order: amarok@gmx.ch

Price: Sfr. 45.- (plus shipping)


Gemstone mixture against high-frequency electro-magnetic radiation and for detoxification

(the picture does not show the gemstones of the described mixture!)

This gemstone mixture for the water jug, with the main stones black tourmaline (Schörl), baryte and 7 other high-quality crystals and gemstones, promotes, among other things, the detoxification of the body cells and provides protection from the inside against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation of the 5-G technology via the element water.

In addition, we recommend the daily intake of silica, clinoptilolite powder (clino), arginine and melatonin as a supplement!

Price per bag for a water jug: Sfr. 108.- / € 100.- plus shipping, (incl. description and effect of each gemstone!)


The described gemstone mixture was created as a supplement to the already previously presented possibilities for protection against high-frequency electro-magnetic radiation and is in no way a substitute for a healthy diet, which should contain organic food and preferably uncontaminated drinking water, which is impossible to obtain in plastic bottles!

In addition, we recommend a water filter, which removes the pollutants of modern times, such as: Plastic nanoparticles, antibiotics, coliform bacteria, hormones, pesticides and especially heavy metals (aluminum from chemtrails and lead, which is stored in our soils from the time of leaded gasoline!) from the drinking water. We use a Maunawai filter pitcher, which is capable of filtering out these foreign substances.


Green Tourmaline

A rare specimen is this green tourmaline – an excellent healing stone in diseases of the internal organs, such as: lungs, bronchi, kidneys, bladder, intestines, etc. Beautiful dark green, translucent quality …

The special feature of this gemstone is the strong connection with the two masters of the Green Ray – Archangel Raphael and Hilarion. They connect the material level with the subtle levels and give us through the green ray the space for the new, which wants to establish itself in us. A limited ability to act is blown up – and the creative element in us is promoted.



(A True Master From Higher Levels)

Photo: Eva Arbenz

We would like to share with you our experiences and the messages from higher spiritual levels and mineral consciousness.

Thank you Eva for the wonderful photos!

The moment of realization … awakens in the experience of the felt …

“I was already able to recognize, experience and feel many things, but the baryte was a surprise in every form for me.

First of all there was absolute depth and tranquility … an arrival …

As if time stood still for a moment. And after a few minutes, HE started working, asking for help and support. Because that’s very important! Every crystal, every mineral, every stone … is inspired. We humans like to take … but the treasures of the earth would like to be asked.
Thus, true exchange can take place in the heart, and they manifest their wisdom and experience. The healing process can now begin …

First, he began to balance the meridians, which are closely related to the starfields of the universes.

If we combines the barite with other gemstones, its property and effect increase manyfold. For example barite with moss agate, a combination for the heart! It opens in the heart infinite widths, a warmth of hundreds of suns flowed through my whole being. I had never experienced anything like it. And so immense energies began to flow … it was beautiful!

In conjunction with the black tourmaline, one of the strongest protective combinations with effects on all levels from any radiation exposure. The chaotic radiations that affect our entire energy system and our health as well as our psyche through ELECTROSMOG, RADAR RAYS, EARTH AND WATER RAYS.

The barite balances energy, neutralizes and protects. Due to its crystalline rhombic structure and its high density of 4.5 (rose quartz 2.65) and its high content of barium (about 58%), it neutralises without burdening itself.
He supports in the conversion, if the focus is set, also to ACT. Despite its immense density, it gives great lightness by releasing internal energy tensions.

There is still much to discover with him!
A friend for the environment, nature, for humans and animals!


In deep gratitude!

Crystaline Yellow Baryte

“When I held the baryte, especially the baryte rose, for the first time in my hands, in the absolute silence and calmness, and asked for help and support, an unfathomable warmth flowed through me and immediately in that feeling I saw how Many chemtrails have been converted into natural water vapor and dazzled in the most beautiful rainbow colors.

At first, that seemed a bit suspicious, or rather, my mind. My heart vibrated in an incredible vibration and I felt that absolute warmth … and certainty, as I always have, when I am in the absolute heart energy and in communication with my soul.

In fact, the mineral baryte, which is also included in the chemtrails as a sub-substance (barium), is used for the shielding of radioactive radiation at nuclear power plants around the nuclear reactor. The scientists are therefore aware of some of the properties of barium.
What they do not know is that the addition of barium in the chemtrails to shield sunlight and cosmic radiation from the uranium sun has been causing the opposite effect for some time now. The baryte works closely with beings from the HIGHEST SPIRITUAL LEVELS and will intensify the radiation of cosmic energies many times over.

We, too, can make our contribution by connecting ourselves with these spiritual beings in the following words:
‘I AM in the perfect and pure vibration frequency with the heavenly powers that purify our atmosphere and charge with pure electron energy!’

… and imagine how the chemtrails are transformed into water vapor and thus natural clouds. What sounds like a fairy tale is for REAL!

The baryte, the baryte rose, as a mediator between heaven and earth!

Foto: Eva Arbenz

I would also like to emphasize the cooperation with the Black Tourmaline – it is a pact of two highly vibrating energy beings, the strongest protection combination that I have been able to experience so far …

In deep gratitude!

Blue Baryte (very rare)
Foto: Eva Arbenz



When the soul speaks…

If a stone makes itself so clearly visible in the consciousness, it must have a great importance as a healing stone of the new time .. and so we want to appreciate it and take a closer look .. listen what he has to tell us!

It helps in a very gentle way to replace blockages and indurations in all areas of our being. It increases the well-being and constantly increases the life energy. Often he causes an increase in performance and the will to persevere. He wants to open the heart wide and strengthen it and calm the soul.

On the physical level, it gets the fluids going and promotes healing of bones, joints, muscles, connective tissue, and skin. Also, a cardiotonic effect was observed again and again in carriers.

On the subtle level, he is in contact with our soul and prepares them to let go of non-essentials. For we know that body, mind and soul are one. He will try to restore and maintain this harmony in his unique way. With oppressed feelings, he prepares the way into the consciousness and into our heart. The ability to love will gradually come back by accepting the emotions. Dealing with our fellow human beings and the various life situations is harmonious and balanced again.

With Love

Eva & Rolf



(Protection for the soul)

The petalite is a very effective gem when we are hurt by heartbreaking words and he can solve those injuries again. He is empowered to maintain this protection and then acts as a strong protective stone. He is a master at preserving our vulnerability at the spiritual level we need to train our sensitivity at different levels.

The Petalite has a very high level of spiritual energy and can provide both protection and fearlessness at subtle levels and manipulating frequencies from the ether. In particular, protection for the aura, on out of body experience, during visions and meditation. The petalite can be used to promote the skills of telepathy.

On the physical level, it can promote the suppleness of the muscular and skeletal system and strengthen the respiratory system.

With Love

Eva & Rolf



He is an exhilarating, refreshing stone, in a delicate green that penetrates through the heart chakra into deep layers of consciousness. He is in communication with the subconscious and can therefore look deep into his carrier. He gives confidence and can quickly resolve deep fears, which are common in healing, so opening of the auric field can begin for his work. He sees in some people doggedness, narrowness or neurotic features.

“Much have you acquired for protection. Certain patterns have been taken from previous generations. I’ll tell the soul now that it’s time to clean up the basement and much is now to be dissolved without pain and thrown away. I will accompany you in this clearing, and we will have a lot of fun. “

He is a stone that works gently. Many people are afraid of healing and therefore would not get involved in emerald or ruby. This energy is simply too strong for them and the opposite happens, namely a closure, which can be avoided with the phrenite. For fearful beings, the phrenite can be used without worry or doubt.

(Excerpt from: «100 stones to light / healing knowledge of the angels of Madeleine Ponert)

Note Eva and Rolf:

The phrenite works similar to the black tourmaline, only gentler. According to our knowledge and wisdom, the phrenite carried by its carrier, in alternation or in combination with the black tourmaline, can cause a gentle, profound heart opening and emotional healing when the willingness and the unconditional desire is there.

With Love

Eva & Rolf


Rock Crystal

(King Of Crystals)

Cluster, Scepter, Phantom, Natural Tip

The rock crystal is an invaluable stone and the most commonly used crystal from the realm of crystals in healing stone therapy. His magic, his beauty and his transparency alone can cast a spell over people. He is a true Lightbringer and therefore the most commonly found crystal. Our source of all being and Mother Earth has stored in this crystal all their knowledge and important messages that can be human companionship, support and a wonderful help in our journey in the material level.

Because of the great variety of different forms and abilities, I would like to concentrate on a general effectiveness of the rock crystal. After that, I will present a small selection currently in my possession with which I work.

The question now urgently arises: why does the rock crystal (and in general quartz, precious stones and minerals) have such a healing effect on our body and mind as described in the description? If one starts from an all-pervasive energy that makes life possible, the answer can only be: because they have a special, magical correlation to their source, an omnipotent universal energy. Everything is spirit and emerged from this universal energy. Of course, the quartz and precious stones have come out of it, even if at first sight the earth and its volcanoes seem to be responsible. This all already knew high cultures on this earth before us (Lemurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Essenes, Greeks, Mayas etc.) as well as many native peoples. The majority of existing humanity is no longer aware of this. And yet, many people who carry this knowledge are incarnated and continue to practice and pass it on, so that the providence of creation can be fulfilled.

Effect on the physical level

Rock crystals consist mainly of silicon, which forms the crystal together with silicic acid solutions. The white inclusions in the crystal are mostly oxygen, rarely water. Silicon stands for awareness and stability. We can observe a special effect in the organs nerves, skin, eyes, intestine, and heart.

Rock crystal is very effective in the regeneration of tissue, muscles, tendons and connective tissue, together with calcite (white, yellow) it causes a faster healing of bones (after fractures). Accordingly also effective in osteoporosis. He gives energy and perseverance. Good for scar repair. In indigestion, a rock crystal group can be placed on the navel. I treat with him also eye diseases, artherial diseases and constrictions of coronary vessels, which promotes their circulation. The information of the silicon can also beautify hair, nails and the skin.

Effect on the spiritual level

As already mentioned, the rock crystal conveys awareness and stability and always acts in an orderly and translucent manner. That is why it is also very well suited to energizing our drinking water, which benefits our holistic wellbeing when we drink it! It is particularly suitable for easier learning and understanding, to remember what has been learned. Through his light, he meditates in a clear connection to the source of the Creator and helps to keep it. Promotes and keeps the concentration.


Phantom-Crystal  / Domleschg – Switzerland

The growth of this green, chloride-interspersed rock crystal has been repeatedly interrupted by processes of change in the earth’s crust and sedimentary deposits have been deposited on the crystal, making this layered structure visible. These apparent crystals in the crystal are called phantoms, which gives the crystal its name.

Phantom crystals act as “pushers” on the subtle level in our cells because they break through things that stagnate to overcome developmental limitations and are a driving, magical force. They support self-confidence and have the message for us: never give up, move on! He helps to prevail against resistance. With a green coloring, they also have a very healing, comforting and very quickly stabilizing effect on an injured psyche.


Cluster with Fuchsite-Phantomes, Brasilia

Rock crystal groups have the power to potentiate and multiply energy. This means that they can absorb and release more energy compared to an equally heavy single tip (own empirical value). They symbolize a hand whose fingers point up to the divine source. Due to the many peaks and the overall larger prism surface, more energy is absorbed and released. Through the green fuchsite phantoms this group, as well as all rock crystal groups covered with chlorite, are a wonderful healer in matters of the heart and can be placed on the heart chakra.

We can also use these extraordinary storage abilities to charge a rock crystal group with a healing energy, a color and / or divine energy. To do this, we connect with the divine Source of all Being (Mother-Father-God energy), ask for protection in energy transfer, take a crystal group into the “receiving hand” (the one you feel is ok), and let the corresponding energy flow visually through us into the crystal (heat or tingling, which flows through the hand), until it feels right (the crystal can be warm, but it does not have to) and the energy flow stops. The group is now charged and can, for example, be given away to someone you can not visit every day (eg in the hospital) or to support someone who has to deal with a disease. Now the patient can pick up this programmed crystal as needed or put it on the heart chakra to use the stored energy to support the self-healing powers. A wonderful method, which I have already practiced many times, with mostly positive results.

Love couples or people who are separated for a long time, can charge a rock crystal group with “their love energy” and bring them along with their partner or family member on the trip.

Larger specimens are highly effective protective crystals, for example in front of a house, in the entrance hall of an office, a school, a hospital or in the meditation room.

Rock Crystal with Chlorite, Piz Beverin, Graubünden, Switzerland

Aqua-Aura, steamed with gold-particles


Huge clear quartz cluster mined at the Coleman Crystal Mine in Jessieville, Arkansas USA

The rock crystal has the special ability to store energy, mental vibrations and frequencies and release them when needed. We can use this as follows:

Personal Learning Crystal

A personal rock crystal can be used as a knowledge store and learning aid. When we learn, by reading, but also by attentive listening, observing, reciting and meditating, we take the crystal into our receiving hand or, if it is a large crystal, set it up about an arm’s length in front of us, join us spiritually the crystal and ask him to save the important information for us. The request is made with the words: “so be it!” reaffirmed. From this moment the crystal will save everything. Maintain concentration for a few seconds. From now on, we can perceive this stored knowledge as impulses (ideas) in our consciousness when we ask for the corresponding information. For this we hold it in the hand during a meditation or during a question to our True Self (soul) or set it up in front of us and ask him for the desired information. This personal learning crystal will adjust to its owner and also keep its concentration. An approximately 200 g mountain crystal (also double transmitter!), Which has plenty of room in the hand or a rock crystal from about 1 kg to set up, if it is used stationary, should meet these requirements.

In a chakra compensation placement, this personal rock crystal can also be placed on the heart chakra.

Such a rock crystal does not want to be passed on in any case, because it is fully adjusted to its owner.

Important! Clean crystals regularly and / or under running water from impurities, external vibrations and electro-magnetic external frequencies (even if they are near your own computer). This will prevent disturbing or even manipulative frequencies, possibly through the crystal, from entering your energy system.

Cathedral Quartz

Piz Beverin, Graubünden, Schweiz

These crystals have the special message, go step by step, step by step on your way, so that you have clarity after each step, which step shows up next. Every experience is important to get the insights and clarity needed for the next step. You do not miss anything that is important to you as you subordinate yourself to this cosmic law. Also cultivate this to build trust in spiritual guidance and to live it.

On the physical level, they penetrate and reach deep layers of tissue, bone (bone marrow) with their energy, thus penetrating our cell memory in a spiritually purposefully controlled (visualized) manner. Those who are attracted by this crystal want to get to the bottom of things that experience absolute and not half-truths.


This scepter quartz is a post-polished tip that has actually grown. As the name implies, it conveys power and the unconditional desire to strengthen and live one’s own power, one’s own abilities, and reminds the owner to use that power always for his own and for the highest good. Seen as a phallic symbol, it strengthens the male principle, which can be interpreted in different ways. It is a powerful crystal that also strengthens and grows self-confidence.


Landscape crystals are a variety of rock crystal with inclusions of sediment or host rock around which the crystal has grown and one believes it to recognize a landscape. They are particularly suitable for earth healing ceremonies outdoors in nature or are powerful companions in meditations. For larger specimens, it can also be used for earth-distance healing ceremonies.

Rock Crystal As Protection

Bergkristall (500 kg)

Rock Crystal (500 kg)

The rock crystal is also a protective stone because it helps to keep negative energies away with its light.

Set up in rooms, he is able to attenuate electro-magnetic radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones, televisions, computers, etc. and convert them into frequencies that are compatible with the human, animal and plant organisms. For example, it is astonishing to find mobile phones in these Rooms decrease by up to 80%, pets become calmer and plants grow better and, above all, flower better and last longer. These are empirical values that I could personally collect and always get confirmed by clients and friends. Therefore highly recommended for the bedroom and rooms where you often stay. If you want to protect the entire apartment or a whole house, the crystal must be correspondingly larger than in individual rooms.

Even earth and water radiation can neutralize the rock crystal. If necessary, these energy flows can also be redirected, which belongs to my area of expertise in house cleaning (clearing).

I can give some guideline values for individual rooms, how big the crystal must be. In order to create a constant, promising situation, it often requires a more detailed analysis, which in each case is exactly tested by me.

For individual rooms approx. 500 g, for houses and entire plots 4 kg and larger.



(Transformator And Cleaner)

The violet ray of amethyst is the color of cleansing and transformation that spiritual guardian is St. Germain. (A cleansing ritual can be found at the end of the text)

These qualities explain to me why so many people are currently being magically attracted to this crystal. We are in the time of the mighty cosmic wave of letting go (destruction) of old, no longer serviceable patterns of behavior and belief and the old social structure. Humanity on this earth is about to undergo a paradigm shift. This could be an explanation why many amethysts are found during this time. In earlier epochs it was almost impossible to find an amethyst, let alone to buy one.

In order to live and cope in the new, brighter frequencies of the new age, in a profoundly changed world, the “quality of the purified and liberated soul” and the awakened consciousness on this wonderful planet earth are needed. Of course that does not mean that everyone now needs such a crystal in order to survive in a new social form. No, in this important process of creating the “New Earth”, the Amethyst is offering its help to humans so that we can better and more easily handle the upcoming events of restructuring on our planet Earth. We humans can benefit from his abilities as a gentle and profound process companion.

The transformation beam of the amethyst has a direct connection to the light forces of the universe and connects its carrier with heaven. For many people, in the future he will be an indispensable companion in the material plane, on their long journey to the source of all being.

Chevron-Amethyst – Powerful Transformation with depth effect

Effect on the spiritual level

Relationships are clarified and can also be separated in peace; cleanses the wearer’s entire energy field and helps him find his true self and hear his voice; repairs the aura and strengthens it; creates clarity; heals old wounds and opens the access to the unconscious, thereby blockages can dissolve; it is a meditation stone and the inherent beings of larger stones can support energy transfer in a distance healing; facilitates the birth and the transition to death; Protection against electro-magnetic radiation and directed, negative subtle harmful frequencies (thoughts) and black magic attacks; prevents taking over other people’s energies.

I myself have a 5 kg amethyst as a kind of  “saint-patron” in my garden, and here and there I thank him for his cooperation with the “little people” and for his protection. He can absolutely give energies and thoughts, which I transmit to him, bundled to the nature and strengthens thus the harmony between all alive. I experience again and again that my plant troughs do not dry out on hot summer days when I was away for three to four days. However, one should not overuse this magic.

Many healing stones can be combined with amethyst, which takes on the role of releasing blockages when they are conscious.

When sleeping, a piece of Amethystdruse can be placed under the pillow. In the dream phase, he can promote clairvoyant dreams.

Amethyst does not protect you from harmful substances and toxins in contaminated food and from an unreasonable diet!

Amethysts do not like direct sunlight because it causes the iron molecules (responsible for coloring) to vibrate and the crystal fades. After the visual spiritual cleansing and / or under running water, it will be back to its original vibration or you can charge it at full moon. Then you use the magnetic forces.

Amethyst glands set up in rooms (medical practices, healing centers, hospitals, meditation rooms) and larger individual tips are well suited as protective stones and create a climate in which healing is promoted; and in offices they create a harmonious, peaceful and creative working environment.

Effect in the physical level

Lowers the blood pressure; promotes the formation of vital enzymes; gives a deep and restful sleep in combination with rose quartz; Double-end crystals connect, placed on the “third eye”, the brain halves; inhibits inflammation; lowers fever; cleanses the skin with eczema and impurities of all kinds; relieves sunburn; helps along with tea tree oil against warts; together with amber tincture effective against gout; promotes iron absorption; regenerates fascia and connective tissue after z.Bsp. operations; regenerates the intestinal flora; relieves menstrual cramps and postpartum labor along with carnelian; Heals wounds faster, scars become almost invisible.


Purification of the body and the entire energy field

“In the name of my Divine-Spiritual-I-Am-Presence, aware in accordance with the spirit world and my crystalline divine power,

may I ask the violet flame of St. Germain and the white-gold light of the divine source,

to cleanse and shine through my physical body and energy field

and to walk and change everything in light and love, to heal, to transform and to dissolve what would like to get out of my being,

so that everything may happen to my highest good and correspond to the highest Christ consciousness. “

So be it!



(Stone of humility and devotion to the divine source)

The golden yellow color of citrine connects us directly with our original central sun. He gives a lot of power and energy and is an absolute light source.

Let us embrace the essence of citrine, the heart can instantly experience an opening and broadening and log into the stream of divine information (amplified with the appropriate request or invocation). This ray is connected with the collective consciousness of all souls, provides us with all the information we need for our development and adapts our consciousness to the ever-increasing vibration frequencies on Earth.

He also connects us to the realms of our soul to get hold of old stored information.

He is a healer who, when the time is right, helps us to work through unprocessed material experience.

Effect on the spiritual level

Citrine has the ability to inspire and support us in projects, helping us to make decisions intuitively. He also supports the process and development of the “heart mind”. He is able to reactivate and connect gray, non-active brain cells.

For children, citrine is a very important stone. He gives them the security and freedom to let their childhood run wild, he keeps the door to their True Self open to them.

Effect on the physical level

Strengthens the immune system and regulates the functions of the thyroid and pancreas; supports the nervous system and promotes blood circulation to the arteries, joints and skin; increases concentration and helps to compensate for lack of sleep.

Happy prosperity!


Smoky Quartz

(Regeneration And Protection)

“I offer my help to free you from addictions and the search on the outside, so that you find it within you! If you get involved, you will become a new person. “

(Message of Smoky-Quartz-Awareness)

Who wears a smoky quartz, brings luck and positive events into his life!

The smoky quartz offers the soul a kind of protection, so that she has time to cope with and process events. His ability as a guard against the darkest powers, which can work from the inside, as from the outside, is unsurpassed. It can be an excellent complement to the amethyst, which has similar qualities, but has more in the detection of blockages its strength and above all provides a very good protection in connection with the heavenly powers. The Smoky Quartz is a crystal that can make a good connection to Earth’s forces.

In exhaustion, burnout and convalescence I have the best experience with smoky quartz. It regenerates the whole system of the body, refills the batteries and also gives the wearer joie de vivre with respect to earthly obligations.

I use smoky quartz, especially when working in very polluted places, such as cemeteries, churches or memorial sites and in body and house cleaning. Can be used in atomically irradiated areas, humans and animals.

This crystal has a slight natural radioactivity, which also has an influence on its color. Whether dark to black crystals (Morion) have a higher radiation, I can not say. The darker the color, the more powerful the energetic protective effect. Again, it is best to choose according to his feelings (intuition) or to test radiesthetically.

Effect on the spiritual level

Brings strength in coping with mourning, crises, traumas, post-traumatic disorders, accidents, loss of relatives (along with amethyst), natural disasters (such as nuclear radiation), illness, fatalities; it relieves radiation damage; lift the veil of deception (along with falcon eye); Coping with stressful situations (together with sodalite); he is a lucky charm and attracts positive events!

Effect on the physical level

First choice in the regeneration of the entire body system; increases the physical capacity; strengthens the nerves and the nervous system; strengthens connective tissue, muscles, tendons; promotes the formation of new body cells; releases physical tension and cramps; effective in back complaints; Can be used with drug addictions of all kinds and relieves their withdrawal symptoms.


Resolution of energetic implants and manipulation frequencies

A wonderful support in the energetic work .. for the resolution and extinction of interference frequencies and subtle implants is the combination of smoky quartz and black tourmaline.

Unfortunately, more and more Lightworkers are occupied by subtle implants and interference frequencies to disturb them in their work or just to make this impalpable! Unfortunately, this is the brutal truth … and will cause disbelieving shaking of the head and dismiss this fact as conspiracy theories!
Once these “implants” have been localized, they can be disintegrated with smoky quartz and tourmaline, placed on the appropriate sites.

Resolution and protection against external frequencies of all kinds and energetic cleaning by:



Rose Quartz

(Universal Love)

“My preference is to touch you with my love energy in your hearts, when you are sad or are plaguing your unbearable, emotional pain, take me into your hands and bring me close to your physical heart so that my energies pour into your sacred space and let it flow through with divine love! Feel the power of consolation and infinite compassion, which enables you to know the connection to all-that-is-in this matter, I am the most important stone and, moreover, it is possible for me, too Together with my brother, the Amethyst, to build and maintain a powerful connection to the Divine Source, together with another sister, the Blue Quartz with its gentle vibration, it is possible for me to shed the physical heart with the light of God and bring it to healing Visualizes a light pink ray of light with iridescent blue in all nuances and asks for the light of God! Plagued with physical pain, place me on the spot to be healed and imagine in your mind how white light flows into it with an iridescent pink. It can sometimes happen that sleep takes you into his swaying hands and accompanies you with a gentle touch to the realm of dreams. Do not worry, everything is fine, my frequencies are gentle and are easily tolerated by most creatures for a long time, even through the night.

Children of all ages and even the youngest, love me dearly and like to be accompanied by me, together with my brother, the amethyst at birth in the new world.
If there are disputes among yours, then remember me, I can turn lack of understanding into compassion and anger into gentleness. However, some people are not surprised when my powers fail, because their hearts are not yet ready to open to love.

Have you ever tried how powerful and unshakeable my energies are capable of warding off negative forces while building an energetic protective shell? If my powers are not enough, I request reinforcement from my brothers, the black tourmaline (Schörl) and the smoky quartz. Together we form, if need be, an impenetrable bar.

Be smart and realize what precious treasure awaits you, I can do much more and want you to experiment with me! Rest assured, there are no limits to me when you connect me to God’s light. “


Rose Quartz – The bridge to UNITY  !

Finding eachother … being merged is already adjacent to a miracle …
But that A L L  still fits together … is probably the biggest gift.

It is symbolic and beautiful when both partners have a rose quartz as a connection.
They form a bridge of the Light … the unity … the symbol of love and closeness.
Roselle is the name of the wonderful master of rose quartz … yes, a master like the ruby!

She supports us … in the mindfulness of every moment, because the love … wants to be born every day!
It is up to us to cultivate the garden of the heart, our own… as well as the common.

L O V E  is giving itself … touches, lets happen … and immerses you in the endless depths of the universe, protected and infinite. The tenderest gift of LOVE itself …

In deep gratitude and love!

Peace be with you!

Eva & Rolf



(The Light Of Inner Peace)

First-rate star rose quartz comes almost exclusively from Madagascar, a place in the world where almost all crystals and healing stones are found, similar to Brazil.

It is also said that Madagascar should be a surviving fragment of the former Atlantis.

When stones are cut into spheres, cabochons, and flatterers, when sunlight shines on them, it shows a six-pointed star, reminding us of our divine origin, where the stone itself indicates our earthbound existence , The six rays we can see symbolically for the important spiritual issues of man, such as:

1. The divinity in us

2. Ideology, values

3. Thoughts visualization, creativity

4. Cause-effect

5. Self-love, love to everything existent

6. Balance, harmony

Like the rose quartz, the star rose quartz is a stone of love and inner peace, with the difference that he is responsible for the self-love. As we know, global, universal peace begins within ourselves, and this crystal helps us reach that state.

Even star-oyster crystals are stones that are ideally suited to build and maintain the connection to the divine source and Mother Earth.

If you would like to send someone from your heart a pink-green ray of love, you will receive a star rose quartz and a green jade stone in your hands, they will then act as energetic amplifiers.

It should be pointed out again that the stones and crystals do not do our spiritual work, that would not be in the sense of the universal laws. Every soul incarnated in this world must go through this incarnation through understanding and the life of the knowledge stored in it, and here are crystals and healing stones for the here and now, the era of change and the “New Age”, intended and predetermined. They are wonderful helpers and companions that work through their specific properties, created and enlivened by Mother Earth and the Source Level Plane.

Happy prosperity!



Val Lugnez, Switzerland

The “Golden Healer” (also known as a rock crystal that is permeated or covered with iron hydroxide) is a healing stone with special properties and abilities.

Endurance, liveliness, decisiveness and physicality are conveyed to the wearer. On the physical level, this crystal works gently and cautiously on the one hand and dissolves blockages in the connective tissue, muscles, tendons and nerves, on the other hand it strengthens and regenerates it with its high iron content and silicon. These properties are transmitted from the crystal to the cellular level, which can trigger an increased response of self-healing forces.

The healing effect can be additionally boosted if the “Golden Healer” is used together with amber or amber tincture, especially for scar repair and scar healing.

Crystal groups can also have a potentiating effect, while the many small tips act as a healing, energizing hand.

On the spiritual level, it can bring the light of the sun into your life, together with amber and amber tincture, and it works well and transmissively.

The angels say that the rock crystal is for the people of this earth and individual healing is possible.

Golden Healer, Nepal, Himalaya


Sprout Quartz

Sprout crystals are wonderfully suited to penetrate deep into a topic with their energy to initiate dissolution processes. Through their rung-like, stepped structure, they tell us how they “work”. Many facets of a theme that seeks to be recognized and dissolved are set in vibration and can manifest themselves in our consciousness. The many small crystals on the sides of the quartz amplify, so to speak, the energy of the big crystal.

Just as well, he can trigger a strong developmental boost in a person or push a project that has stalled. He seeks to actively help in the search for solutions and answers, and not infrequently he brings a partner stone into the game, which supports him.

 In a partnership, for example, he is predestined to give each part its personal space, which is needed to live the personal development powerfully. The powerful work in the team, the “team spirit”, the establishment of a network and the deepening of friendships are absolutely in the range of his possibilities. It allows a harmonious discussion in case of a dispute or disagreement, it is placed between the two parties.

When regenerating bones, tendons, muscles and the spine, he is a powerful helper.

Sprout crystals are not very common, but they often find their way to those who are willing to work with them. I am happy to help you, if you have resonance to this crystal and one should accompany you on your way.

Happy Prosperity!



“Be greeted … you devine soul sparks!”

“Now is the time to introduce myself, because I am a powerful companion for the new time!
I would like to support those of you who are now ready to go their own way, promote their holistic development, and are willing to look no more back!
I am helping you to increase your spiritual presence, to make your visions a reality, and to leave your energetic fingerprint in the “new” world, carried by the waves of light, sent from the source-level, that are pouring more and more on our earth.

I connect the properties of C I T R I N  (God’s light, manifestation) and those of                   A M E T H Y S T  (transformation, opening).

My light forces make you realize: I am the resurrection and the life of my divine plan, which now reveals itself on the physical level! And I am committed to opening your deep knowledge that you carry within you!

In your hearts, I will remind you who and what you are, should you have succumbed to the shadow of doubt, and gently remember your task of your humanity and your very soul plan. With me, there is no way back on the path of constant spiritual growth.
I can release pure, clear light and help you make the transition to the new time. Do you want to suppose that I am feeding the process of change in you and your inner light with my fire? You will understand better and better what the true meaning of life is, the essence of all things that you encounter in your mastery. From this great wisdom will grow and be given to you.

For the physical, physical vehicle, I can, if necessary, lower the blood pressure, like my companion in light, the amethyst! My outstanding features are the connection of the two halves of the brain, the alleviation of tinitus and the reduction of eye discomfort. In addition, I can increase the uptake of oxygen in the cells.

Never forget that the prerequisite for a sustainable healing of the physical vehicle is always the recognition of the causes of importance, and I will support you in doing so. “



(The Light Of The Sun)

He is a veteran and carries a lot of information of his time, which will only be fully effective today. It nourishes the soul, brings light and healing into the material body consciousness and is predestined to kindle the self-healing powers of our physical body.

If we wear an amber, in the form of a chain, or simply put it in our hands or place it on our solar plexus chakra, it will hold us in times of fear and insecurity, provide comfort and security in case of losses and letting go of old beliefs We know that we are children of God. His maternal qualities help us fill in the lack of maternal love in us. He also reminds us of the times of being a child, where much of our life was easier before we experienced the pincer birth of the adult form of today’s society.

His maternal qualities are also why he works so well in children and is very popular, even in times of change of any kind. Be it teething in babyhood, the growth of the physical body and the maturing process of the soul.

The amber is an important healing stone and companion to the light and in the company of amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz a true light source.


Labradorite (Spectrolite)

“Whoever holds me in his hands and connects with me, feels the eternal happiness of love, the connection with all that exists. I bring the light into the cell consciousness and a clear mind. Great pleasure in purifying your mind and body and letting you see things from a higher perspective My energies are very strong when I work with you and I give you the lightness of being so you can better accept and feel the new Flooded and sustained by the all-pervasive power of divine love. Intense work with your dark sides can gently dissolve blockages and have healing energies, I am also called a truthstone because through my work you experience your true purpose, your heart’s task if you carry me on you. “

Supports the memory and the ability to allow and feel deep emotions. What can make one realize something in one fell swoop, which is perceived as a profound liberation. An indispensable companion in the clarification and processing of blocking experiences.

On the physical level it stabilizes the immune system and releases strengthening energies to the nerves, thymus and cells. What has been confused, is straightened again.

Also promising for spine problems, in the resolution of stored in bone and bone marrow memories, with a great depth effect.

An important stone also in clearings of buildings and places.



(The Grounding-one)

Carnelian is one of the most important healing stones and companion in healing stone therapy.

He is a member of the agate family, with high silicon content and fiery power; yet gentle in its effect.

In the near future it will be an important healing stone for the transformation of the root chakra, whose new task will be to seek and consolidate the aspects of unconditional love in man!

Effect on the spiritual level

The carnelian grounds very well and connects to the earth frequencies that are changing and increasing at the moment. Through this connection and grounding current frequencies of the home planet are well received in the cell consciousness of the body and integrated by gentle transformation.

He acts on the root and navel chakra and holding hands, even during a meditation. Also in a meditative consideration, when the stone is in the auric field of the person, he shows highest effectiveness. It has a calming and warming effect, gives restful sleep and helps the wearer to progress in lightness and with joy in life.

The root chakra often stores memories and entanglements from previous lives, which can be worked up with the help of carnelian. His gentle approach helps to become aware of it and to dissolve it when it is time. He conveys the ease it takes to do so. He also compensates for mood swings and orders on the emotional level.

Effect on the physical level

Carnelian can be very effective in treating and accompanying most of the known abdominal complaints by placing it directly on the site. For women use for menstrual cramps, inflammation of the ovaries, after operations, energizing the libido, cystitis.

In men, an excellent stone for prostate problems.

It can also be used for circulatory disorders and in cancer treatment in combination with smoky quartz. In addition, it can have an invigorating, warming and relaxing effect on the organism.



(The Soul Stone)

Blue Apatite

Effect on the spiritual level

An intensely working stone, which should only be worn by the hour, or as a companion in a meditation. This stone helps the wearer to realize himself and tries to give the soul the space it needs to be heard more and more.
He can help stress-plagued people to regain their peace of mind and to remember the beautiful side of life. Apatite connects the divine with the unconscious and wants to help you find your life mission so that you can devote yourself to this task with love.

Effect on the physial level

His vibrations are exceptionally invigorating and regenerating, stress-related headaches and tense, he can with his blue color, which has a cooling and relaxing counteract, and he helps to keep cool head in delicate situations.
With too high blood pressure, he is a promising stone.



(Visionary Stone)

Spiritual Effect

This stone puts its wearer in a position to show him life from a completely different position. The Apophyllite gives a lot of power and love and brings a lot of joy and new things. Put on the front chakra, he can show visions intensified and increase the vibration immediately. It permanently controls the oscillation increase and holds it when the carrier is ready for these frequencies. The apophyllite looks into the subconscious and is predestined to detect and dissolve blockages. He is, like the apatite, a helper stone for the soul of man. Relieves inner pressures and fears and gives serenity and peace!

In order to increase the efficiency in the dissolution work of blockades, a combination of stones is often called!

Physical Effect

In addition to rutile quartz and malachite, apophyllite is the healing stone in asthma. Reduces respiratory, skin and mucous membrane disorders and also has a strengthening effect on the nervous system. The green apophyllite primarily reduces asthma seizure frequency and can be used if the blood pressure is too low and is applied to the heart or larynx chakra. He can also help with osteoporosis. Brings new energy to skin and hair and strengthens the memory.


Money Transformation

For the transformation of my money I put 4 crystals into a circle:

  • Smoky Quartz: Resolution of the old programming
  • Rose Quartz: love vibration for the new programming
  • Amethyst: healing, transformation, transmission, purification
  • Labradorite: Rainbow colors, depth, joy, divine light

Now I connect the stones in my mind’s eye, light a column of light and visualize violet, golden, silver and pink light. I place the money in the middle of this circle of stones and ask for the transformation and dissolution of all the negativities and impurities inherent in money and for God’s order and blessing.

Then, by virtue of my crystalline nuclear power and my spiritual-divine ego-consciousness, I ask that as much money come to me as possible so that I can heal it into a loving monetary system.
Leave the money, including coins, a good while (over night or several days) in this stone circle. Add new money over and over and repeat the invocation from time to time!
Take at least one copper, silver, or gold coin to perform this exercise, and keep that coin with you as an anchor point in your wallet for the positive flow of abundance. Silver and gold are comparable to crystals in the sense that they can be carriers of consciousness in a powerful way, copper is flowing.

May everything be done to your highest good and that of your loved one!


Crystal Mandala

For the connection to the natural kingdoms …

… of the “little people” (dwarfs, trolls, elves, undines, etc.), animal and plant kingdom,
Landscape-Devas (material visibility and energetically noticeable: trees, groups of trees, mountains, rock formations, islands, waterfalls, caves), mineral kingdom (larger crystals, crystal groups, crystal caves).

Can also be decorated with flowers and natural materials (depending on which natural kingdom the connection is desired). Have fun and ease while trying out!


Moss Agate

(Power stone for the bond with the nature kingdoms)

The Moss Agate connects us with the natural kingdoms and their inhabitants, the trees, elves, dwarves, undines, the “little people”, etc. More and more people seek the silence and the moss agate helps us to find them in nature. It is one of the most reliable sources for organizing feelings, for finding oneself, for listening to the inner voice. The mossy, greenish drawings in this stone symbolize the delicate, watery and can address the emotional world of man and bring the hidden from the depths of our consciousness into the flow.

Those who choose to wear a moss agate are enveloped and richly gifted by nature’s primordial, tender energies.
Old, no longer useful in us may gently come to the surface of our consciousness and often tears flow. Afterwards the sun shines again, joy and gratitude and the certainty of being part of the “Great Whole” spreads in our being.

He is also a wonderful companion through “The nights when spirits walk” from December 24 to January 6!



(Stone of loving hearts)

“Feel my light and my strength, you wonderful soul, and let this light open your heart and expand, May it fill your heart with gratitude, humility, and peace, let it expand and outreach it to your beloved the needy , the war-hungry, the still-closed heart!
I connect loving souls and nourish and strengthen this connection, as well as the pulsating light between heaven and earth!
I protect you in times of manipulation by the dark forces of this world, give you comfort and courage, and my light heals your grieving heart! “

Happy prosperity!



(The tear of the soul of Gaia)

The Apache tear takes a special place in Native American mythology, in which it is described that the Apache tear of Mother Earth was given to humans to free them from their sufferings, which is why we can make wonderful use of them, contaminated sites, beliefs and blockages to bring the unconscious into the conscious state of being, to track down and remove stored memories in our physical vehicle. He is so valuable because he (and all obsidian species) is capable of dissolving states of anxiety, shock, traumatization and even mental blockages (accompanied by amethyst). After a “first treatment” with obsidian a further treatment with rock crystal is promising.

Obsidians in general, created by the power of volcanoes, are made of 80% silicon dioxide! (SIO²) and act on the physical level particularly strong on the connective tissue, the bones, the skin, the blood and accelerates wound healing and healing of any injuries; and it improves the uptake of vital vitamin D, along with our home sun, which stimulates the production in our body.

Resolution ritual

The ritual of handing over the shadow energies of the body and mind to Mother Earth, which will gladly support you and transform these energies, can be performed in any place that is right for you. Trees, rocks, places of power, a favorite place and caves are best suited for this purpose. I often select an old “watch tree” and ask him first of all if he agrees and helps me to hand over the energies that no longer serve me from my system to Mother Earth. If the approval is perceptible, mostly as a good feeling or even a voice in your consciousness, you can begin the ritual.

Be quite calm and let the breath come and go. The Apache tear holds in your “receiving hand”, in the hand, where it feels right.

Important: in your mind call the Creator Source of all being and ask them for protection and accompaniment for this ritual.

Energetically purify your physical body and your entire energy system with your method so that no alien energies that have accumulated in you block the flow of energy between your being and Mother Earth.

Call the local spirit, the tree spirit, the Deva or the nature spirits, the “little people”, (which suits your situation) and ask them for their support for this ritual.

Then say the following (or in your own words) sentence: “I am the energy of …………………. that is no longer useful to me, conscious, release them from my energy system and hand them over to this stone!” Now puff three times into this stone and visualize how the shadow energy flows into the stone. Keep your concentration in visualization and do not be distracted by anything!

Feel … in your heart, how it gets easier and breathe in and out a few times. For each shadow energy you become aware of, repeat that sequence, and when you speak the sentence, always name only one shadow energy you want to give to the stone.

When you’re done, thank your stone for taking in the shadow energy and bury it at the tree or in a place that’s right for you. Now ask Mother Earth out of your heart to receive and transform the energies, and thank her for that. Visualize once again how the shadow energies slide down into the heart center of Mother Earth and do not doubt for a second that this will happen! Thank the tree or / and place, the local spirit and the nature spirits, that they have supported and accompanied you. To thank you, you can leave a small gift in the form of a stone (maybe rose quartz) or a nibble (nuts, fruits, etc.) for them, and thank them for working in nature and doing their job so well.

You will now feel light, be in joy, and then take a little walk afterwards, and keep the feeling of gratitude as long as you can!

Happy prosperity!


Pyrite Sun

Rare, rainbow-colored Pyrite Sun

She is the messenger of our physical home sun and the information stored in her contributes to the good of Mother Earth and all living things.

The pyrite sun is a lightbringer and opens the heart and the solar plexus. This affects all chakras, which are connected with subtle membranes and brings them into the great harmony of the “united crystal chakra”. This covers the area from the root chakra to the neck chakra. Put on these energy points, the pyrite sun serves our spiritual (holistic) well-being and can be used again from time to time.

Through a pyrite sun, the physical body can be stabilized, which can lead to a reorientation of the body feeling. People who neglect their body, overuse it and eat poorly get new impulses through the pyrite sun, which can cause an expansion or reorientation of consciousness. The pyrite sun sends warmth and love to the body parts that need it most.

At the same time they also gently detoxify the physical body system, detect inflammatory infections in the body and bring them to subside.

Because of its unique mineralogical composition (sulfur, iron, gold, silver, copper, etc.) it is absolutely capable of doing so.

Like all healing stones and crystals, it supports the self-healing powers of our “miracle” body and the transmission of our mind and energy body.

Even mental instability, which can express itself in many diseases, can compensate for the pyrite sun with its high light power and even suicidal thoughts can dissolve.

A pyrite sun can also be set up for meditative contemplation and meditation. As an individual in about 50-80 cm distance, in groups in the middle of a circle.

She wants only one thing: to store the information of light and love in our cells and to remind us through her sunny appearance where we are from and where we are going. It brings the sunshine into our hearts and a good, holistic sense of life.



(The flow of life)

Once you have been drawn to the attraction of aquamarine, you will inevitably be reminded by it to examine more closely whether things are going the way they should, to your soul plan, or in other words, are you on your own Path? Or do you still work too much for other people’s ideas? Are you living your insights and can gradually free yourself from the bondage of magnetic and condensed matter?

The vibration of aquamarine can strengthen the feminine side in our being, should this be necessary, keeping the balance between the two poles. He too is a wonderful lightbringer and brings pure light, love and healing directly into his soul through his gentle heart opening. It has a cooling effect and can cause clarification and renewal on all levels. It should be emphasized its effect on the emotional level of the person, where he soothes, for example, heated minds and brings a changed, neutral view into play. Must be taught on hardened fronts, the aquamarine works best together with selenite.

Wearing an aquamarine will help you gain foresight and foresight, relax and help tackle and end projects with ease. This in turn helps to achieve purposefulness, dynamism and stamina and to a healthy self-confidence. Self-doubt can dissolve so slowly. In difficult situations you keep a cool head.

For me personally, the aquamarine conveys above all a feeling of security and being cared for.

The color of aquamarine varies from sea blue to sea green, the coloring mineral is divalent iron for the green color, trivalent iron for the blue color. The structure of the iron can play a role in the choice of a healing stone and decide whether it brings success.

Aquamarines can also be used in the energetic healing of waters, by taking one with a rose quartz in hand, therefore asks that the energy of aquamarine and the divine order of the source flows into the rose quartz and then gives the water to the rose quartz, since the aquamarines are usually too expensive to sink (exceptions, of course, then give away both!); as well as to clarify energies in one place and their harmonization.

At the physical level, the following benefits are known:

A “first aid stone” in emotional chaos; used in diseases involving the thyroid, eyes, skin and arteries; reduces vision deterioration and helps to restore tired eyes; relieves allergic reactions and epileptic seizures; harmonizes fluctuations in hormone balance; Cooling and regenerating for sun-stroke and sunburn (very efficient in combination with amber tincture and lavender oil!).


Lapis lazuli

(Stone of the gods)

If you choose this stone, shining in the most beautiful blue, it is time to remember why you are here. The message to you is:

“I am the resurrection and the life of my divine plan, which is NOW revealed on the physical plane”.

He connects with your soul, works exclusively on this level, and catapults you to a higher level of consciousness. Clogged channels are cleaned and flooded with light. Be aware that when you are attracted to this stone, the doors to your true self and to the universal forces are opened wide!

The oldest finds from lapis lazuli were dated to more than 6’000 years BC. Ch. At that time, the raw stone material already came from mines that can be found up to a height of 5,000 meters, mainly from northern Afghanistan. In some temples and mosques of antiquity, especially in the high culture of ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was used to make and line jewelery (pearls), columns, altars, urns, mummies, sarcophagi, and entire rooms with this high-energy stone to gain easier access to the cosmic forces and the creator gods. Also a very light-resistant color pigment of the lapis lazuli in powder form was traded for the painting and the coloring of noble materials and was outweighed with gold. Well, we do not have to go that far, today it’s much easier.

In a meditation, for example, we may place a lapis lazuli on the third eye and on the heart chakra to activate the pineal gland or carry a chain or stone as a pendant to gain access to the soul plane and higher levels.


Effect on the spiritual level

Lapis lazuli greatly promotes intuition and deepening in meditation; leaves you with less sleep; connects with higher knowledge stores; makes aware of restricting behavioral patterns and beliefs.

Effect on the physical level

Can be used in throat cancer therapy; lowers fever and high blood pressure; stimulates the thyroid gland, unlike aquamarine, which is used in over-functioning.

According to a description by Michael Gienger, the occurrence of the menstrual phase can be delayed by up to two weeks.


In my experience, different crystals and healing stones can be used in disharmony or illness, so it is important to test or test the appropriate stones in case of uncertainty. As a result, the chances of recovery increase massively. Of course, stones can always be chosen intuitively or through the magic of attraction. It is important that you are completely confident in this! Also, new stones will be added every now and then.



“I open your heart and release true love”

This extremely high-energy healing stone is connected to a healing ray intended especially for him, an energy that is directly connected to the universe. Just looking at something does something in our energy system, where it works mainly on the physical and emotional levels.

The causes of many bodily disharmonies are often in an injured or closed heart. The rhodochrosite can open this and let it flow with his healing ray much momentum and movement (fire) into our Herzchakra. This strengthens the aura. Emotions that are suppressed, blocked and condemned often have their origins in childhood, and rhodochrosite can heal those wounds. It works mainly in the 5th chamber of our physical heart, the seat of the heart’s intelligence!

Rhodochrosite is able to calm and balance the function of the mind. If you have to struggle with sleep problems at night, because your thoughts are spinning in circles, you can take a stone to bed and put it on the solar plexus, so the power of thought can calm down. On the basis of his color you might think he is a particularly grounding stone, which he just is not. He is one of the exceptions in the realm of healing stones. Carnelian, red jasper and moss agate are very well suited for grounding.

I also use the stone in the treatment of cancer, in multiple sclerosis and other immune diseases In anemia and low blood pressure he provides valuable services. Then it is usually placed on the solar plexus or the umbilical chakra. Its effect is then perceived as refreshing and regenerating.

Very often, rhodochrosite also ignites enthusiasm for a new beginning and strengthens the spirit of adventure. When the sexual life force has fallen asleep, perhaps because of many negative experiences in the emotional realm, it can rekindle the fire and ensure that these experiences, in the right light, processed and in the subsequent healing of the resulting knowledge can be accepted.

Rhodochrosite should not be worn for more than a week at a time as a necklace or pendant, as sensitive people could otherwise be overwhelmed. After a few days break, new impulses can be absorbed by the mind and the body. Best to apply again here after the resonance principle.


“I want to make you feel like you are an important and unique gem in the great mosaic of creation!”



(The sacred connection of female and male power)

Bright, roundish (female) and dark, shallow (male) Boji

The Bojis have only been found for a few years and only in a few places, mainly in the USA in North and South Dakota, in Nebraska and in China in the province of Dongchuan.

For some Native American tribes of the Lakotas and Pawnees, these stones are sacred and have been used in healing rituals since time immemorial.

They belong to the oldest stones of the world and are after scientific investigations approx. 300 million years old. In some, meteorite dust and fossil bones were found, and the Boji could certainly tell us a long story. His reputation as “Living Stones” has long preceded him.

Surprisingly, Bojis are always paired in female (rather round) and male forms (rather flat or jagged) together and this seems to trigger the energetic effect, similar to two diodes that you hold in your hands. Because male stones have a different composition of metal than females and so can generate an ion-photon current in the body, which triggers the phenomena described below.

Almost all people who pick up a Boji pair soon feel a tingling sensation and / or a clearly perceptible pulse that gradually becomes more intense and, after a while, even a bit uncomfortable when there are strong energy blockages in the body , on which the fine energy current hits. There are therefore always known vulnerabilities or old injuries in the emotional body, which are reported by prolonged holding the Bojis and slowly dissolved.

But most people find it stabilizing, grounding, warming and constructive.

How is that possible, surely many have asked themselves, who already experienced and felt the amazing phenomena of the Bojis? When investigating the stones, scientists found dust from iron (probably from meteorites), rare metals such as palladium and platinum, copper and mainly pyrite. These are metals that positively influence and set in motion the conductivity of the energy surfaces in our body, the meridians and the nerves, information and stimulus conductors.

The Bojis are therefore ideal therapy stones and companions for everyday life and not only interesting collectibles, but precious gifts of our Mother Earth, even if they look inconspicuous at first glance and not reveal their secret.



Honey calcite flower on white calcite druse from Morocco. Harmonizes people, spaces and matter

The calcite family are very well-researched healing stones in the world of minerals and form an infinite variety of forms. Calcium is the fifth most abundant element of oxygen, aluminum, silicon and iron (in that order) in terms of the mass fraction of the Earth’s shell and crust.

Coloring minerals are: iron (yellow, orange, red, brown), copper (green), manganese (pink, gray, black), cobalt (blue, violet).

Most of our skeleton and teeth are made of calcium, which is found not only in calcite, but also in various foods. If the calcium from food and water is no longer well absorbed or utilized by the body, a calcite chain, which is worn over several days to weeks, can provide relief. As with all healing stones, the specific energy stored information in the corresponding calcite causes a greatly improved absorption of the mineral at the solids level.

Physical effect (general)

Main stone in osteoporosis, building on tissue, skin, bones, muscles, tendons, nails), cardiotonic, compensates for developmental disorders in children, a very well-ground stone.

Spiritual effect (general)

Helps to solve difficulties on the emotional level and conveys lightness.

Honey Calcite – Yellow Calcite

Physical effect

Improves tooth decay and strengthens teeth and bones, against tooth sensitivity.

Subtle effect

Shakes up the self-healing powers, promotes healing abilities and intuition, can regulate sex drive to a natural level.

Mangano Calcite

Sanded rough stone

Physical effects

Can be used for cartilage formation in the knee joint, regeneration and pain relief in herniated discs, meniscal pain, after intervertebral disc and shoulder operations, increases performance, against muscle soreness.

Spiritual effects

Nourishes the belief in the beautiful, promotes mental flexibility.

Green Calcite

Physical effect

Important healing stone in heart disease, along with magnesite against convulsions, regeneration of tissue, bones, cartilage, tendons, loosens blockages in the shoulder area, very good grounding.

Spiritual effect

Mental refreshment, improved mental absorption, works through the heart chakra and dissolves stress symptoms slowly, help to focus on the interior and not give the world of thought too much attention.

Can be used for earth healing.

Blue Calcite

Physical effect

Cooling, reduces aggression, calms the mind, conjunctivitis and swollen eyelids.

Spiritual effect

Brings serenity and ease into life, balances out to intense emotionality, acts on the throat chakra and can be used for laryngeal diseases.

Can be used for earth and water healing.

Orange Calcite

Physical effect

Stimulates the metabolism and absorption of calcium, regenerates tissues, bones, muscles, balances hormonal mood swings, regulates and relaxes in the menstrual phase, applies amber tincture, green and orange calcite (healing stone essence) to the navel chakra when constipated, if the blood pressure is too low.

Suptle effect

Helps to accept oneself as one is and wants to be, gives basic trust.

Can be used for earth healing.

Rose-white Calcite – He protects and gives light and love



“Masks will fall, many will come to light and collapse. Are you ready for me to work in honest and upright love? Want to bring light to your darkest corners? »

Physical effects

High concentration ability!

Spiritual effects

Reinforce the cosmic rays of light whose messenger is also our home sun; stabilize our ‘subtle energy system’ and prepare it to absorb the strong energies; brings the personality of the ‘true self’ into the foreground and gives it space; activates the kundalini energy and the pineal gland.

He let feel the love in human and solidifies a partnership based on true values. He is an ambassador of true love.

The Archangel’s message (Michael) is the following:

“Do not combine with other stones as it is a very pure and clear light stone.

It is one of the strongest healing stones ever and powerfully solves painful memories and energies stored in body cells and organs.

REQUIREMENT is the readiness to be able to look directly into the eye … then these blockades are powerfully resolved. If this condition is not met, blockades can be even worse! As a lightbringer, he serves fully the cosmic laws and abuse of his energy will, according to universal logic, lead to the experience of an indispensable reorientation.”

Rose Diamond (Rough stone)



In times of increased light radiation from the uranium sun, the subtle essence of the mineral gold, which is part of the sun-ether on the energy level, helps us to harmonize the rhythmic organization of our subtle and condensed body.

This also means that our body system is protected from being overloaded by these high-frequency light quanta and electron energy.

By unprocessed interference frequencies (belief patterns, obstructive habits, anxiety, shocks, etc.) at the level of the subconscious, painful side effects such as arrhythmia, migraine, joint pain, eczema, restlessness, depression, arthritic and rheumatic complaints can be mitigated.

In combination with BLACK TOURMALINE, an easier awareness of these disturbing frequencies can take place.

In addition, gold harmonizes the energies of almost all gemstones used in combination. In particular, the mixed healing stones for the harmonization of drinking water. (see page: “Energizing Water and Foods”) Gold acts in our body antiseptic (antibacterial) and increases the release of free radicals (toxins).

The combination GOLD – BLACK TOURMALINE is currently very effective to neutralize alien energies and to protect the entire body system from damage.

A reprogramming of our body system is thus gently supported and the recidivism in old behavior patterns minimized.

Important NOTE:

It is of the utmost importance to note that any application of gemstones should take place by means of a felt resonance (in the heart).



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