Energizing Of Water And Foods

Personal healing stone mix in water jug

I am glad that we can offer you another possibility for the support of the self-healing mechanisms and the holistic well-being. A healing stone mix, especially aligned to the personal needs and situation of a person or animal, is placed in a jug and filled with clean water, if possible with spring water. The mixture can be supplemented, adjusted or reassembled at any time as needed as the situation changes.

Z E O L I T H E (for example: apophyllite green and white, Stilbite etc.) many chemical pollutants will escape from the water. Clean once a week under running water!

K L I N O P T I L O L I T H: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, strengthens immune system, strongly detoxifies and regulates the organism (digestion, intestine) and the electrolyte balance by ion exchange, binds in the stomach excess acid, which is completely excreted through the intestine.

Procedure for the testing of healing stones

  • Via email clarification of the current situation.
  • Important: When ordering, send the corresponding photo of the person (s) or the animal (s) by email!
  • Receipt of the account data for the prepayment. The amount of Sfr. 150.- for the test is paid into the account. Of these, Sfr. 50.- calculated for the gemstone mixture.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the gemstone mixture is tested, procured, energetically cleaned, adjusted to the recipient and sent by post. The additional costs of the gemstones plus postage will be paid using the payment slip.
  • Note: The average cost per mix is around Sfr. 50.-
  • If it is a need for you to read out and buy the healing stones yourself, we would like to ask you to always choose according to the principle of resonance, i.e. what smiles at you! In this case too, your higher self knows exactly what is right for you!

For more information about Water see page: “Healing Stone Essences”


Energy-Crystal-Triangle For Foods And Water

Energizing, detoxification and regeneration of foods and water

Place any food and water on a wooden board with a crystal triangle and the “Flower of Life” (it works without any burnt-in symbols on the board!) And ask the divine source with these words:

“I am the presence that activates the Crystal Energy Triangle and I ask the Divine Source to detoxify and energize this food / water!”

Leave water on for at least three minutes, food about 10 minutes.

At this point, I feel a need to remind you that any water from plastic bottles is not conducive to human health! The phthalates (plastic softeners) and other chemicals needed in the bottles transfer to the water and deposit in the body’s cells and brain cells, which can significantly disrupt the functions of these cells. It goes without saying that all organs such as the liver, bile and kidneys are also affected by these deposits.

Legal notice

Energetic light work is an alternative treatment that in any case can not replace, but can support, the medical treatment of a physician or alternative practitioner. If you have any health issues, consult a doctor first to determine the causes of a disease.
Patients involved in prescribed medical treatment and on-going medication should not discontinue or stop this treatment without consulting a physician.
I do not carry out any illness analyzes, make no promises of healing and guarantee no success in healing.

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