What is a Healing Stone Essence?

In simple words, a healing stone essence is an extract of various healing stones, gemstones and crystals that act individually or in combination and whose vibrations (information) are stored in water. Adjusted to a person or an animal, the essence is then taken dropwise in a glass of water, as is customary in homeopathy. My task is to test out how strong the extract must be and in what dose and in what time period the intake should take place.

Crystal, healing and gemstone essences work just as well as plant essences, as is known from spagyric art, whereby distillates are not used in the healing stone essence production.

Theophrastus of Hohenheim, called Paracelsus, called the term spagyric into life, so to speak, and equated the therapeutic mode of action of alchemy. So, miracles happen when crystals and gems transfer information to the water.

A personalized healing stone essence can aid the process of finding a cause for a problem by acting on the subtle level in the cells.

As a reminder: water, like crystals, stores the best vibrations, thoughts and affirmations that are injected through our mind into this element. Our body consists of large parts of water and silicon and therefore it is very good to pass on information to the cells as a means of transport (see: Masaru Emoto: “The healing power of water”). Masaru Emoto was a para-scientist and alternative medical practitioner and has proven in many scientific experiments that water has excellent properties for storing feelings and thoughts. Anyone who can accept the work of Masaru Emoto, so that it resonates, has the advantage of being able to use an outstanding source of cosmic knowledge for himself.

Components And Production Of The Healing Stone Essence

Basically, each essence is individually rebuilt, no prefabricated preparations are used.

The appropriate crystals and healing stones are received by me mainly meditatively, as soon as I connect with the situation and the problem of the client or patient concerned. From a previous conversation (if desired or agreed) important findings can be drawn. Careful testing guarantees the right choice of crystals and stones.

Since the healing essence is produced individually as described above, adapted to the current situation of the customer, I refrain at this point on an elaborate list of diseases and the appropriate and eligible healing stones. What helps one person does not have to help another. Nevertheless, there are tendencies for some situations that often consider well-proven ones.

The basis of my essences is pure spring water from the mountains of a place that already has a highly vibrating energy from the ground up. The benchmark is a vibration unit of 6’500 to 10’000 Bovis units. Below the guideline of 6’500 Bovis the energy is not in the neutral-positive range. Our normal tap water is seldom suitable for such essences, as it is either sterilized (Clor) or UV-treated in most cases, or has flowed for miles through narrow tubes. Water should flow unrestricted, meander and swirl, as in a naturally flowing stream, so that it stays fresh, cleansed and energized. Even mineral-rich water, which we can buy in the trade, is not suitable because the high concentration of natural minerals can falsify the desired essence.

The crystals and / or healing stones can then release their information, vibrations and minerals into the water for a tested time.

When the essence is ready, it is mixed with alcohol (except essences for animals) which preserves the essence, without alcohol at least for the duration of intake in cold storage.


The essence is taken drop by drop, according to my information in a glass of water. For animals add to the wet food!


The energy compensation for the test is CHF 92.- per person / € 80.-


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